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Thank all the Hawaiian Bagel Lovers!! we won the best sandwich award!
Our Advertisment is on page 26. The second prize for Hawaii's best bakery, too!
Aloha fresh bagels!

Fresh baked New York style bagels made with Aloha!

Welcome to the homepage of Lox of Bagels! - the premier producer of fine, fresh New York style bagels in the State of Hawaii!

Do you enjoy a good bagel? The kind of bagel that is chewy inside and crunchy on the outside? If you do, come by our shop at Sand Island Center and take a gander at what your hungry stomach will be treated to! Fresh baked New York style bagels, everyday. Salads, spreads and other baked goods are available at our bagel shop at the Sand Island Center.

Are you thinking about carrying freshly baked bagels in your food establishment? We have wholesale arrangements with some of the biggest coffee shops, hotels and retailers in the State of Hawaii.

Our Mission

To be the premier producer of fresh, quality bagels in the State of Hawaii.

"Bagels have a taste all their own. They are perfectly named. They fill, they bring pleasure - they are bagels! I eat about five or six a week and especially like salt bagels. My favourite way of eating them is with lox and cream cheese. All others are frauds." --- Larry King, reporter and commentator.

Company Profile

Lox of Bagels is a bagel shop that serves fresh retail bagels through an outlet and at the same time produces fresh baked bagels for wholesale. Many people say that we have the best bagels in Hawaii; however, we tend to always try and serve our bagels in the best way possible - fresh and delicious. Lox of Bagels has been serving hot, fresh and delicious bagels since 1992 and today, is the premier producer of fresh bagels in the State of Hawaii. It was founded by Lester and Irene Yonamine who grew the business from startup to where it is today (please see news article on Lox of Bagels' history). In 2007, Lox of Bagels was acquired by Kiku International, an American subsidiary of a logistics, supply and human resource company based in Japan with the intention of solidifying Lox of Bagels' position as the leading wholesale supplier of fresh bagels. Lox of Bagels is a proud member of the Hawaii Restaurant Association.

"I first started eating bagels as and infant. My favorite kind of bagel is plain, and I eat a couple every week with cream cheese. Bagels are the best teething rings ever devised. They will keep a small child or infant, who's old enough to situ p and grasp an object, entertained and happy longer than anything else."
-- Dr. Joyce Brothers, noted psychologist, radio and television personality.

"I started eating bagels around 1965 when I moved to New York after college. My favourite kind is poppyseed. I eat 2 or 3 a week, either toasted or untoasted with cream cheese and olives - olives in between the bagel and cream cheese. The strangest thing I've ever eaten on a bagel is not so strange at all - raisins. I'm very conservative about my culinary adventures so I haven't experimented more. Why do I like bagels? They are tastier, funnier and more creative than plain bread. And they taste great with cream cheese and lives!"
-- Geraldo Rivera, investigative reporter and TV journalist.

Contact Information

For wholesale or distribution information, please contact us at any of the following:

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111 Sand Island Access Road, Suite #1
Electronic mail
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We look forward to hearing from you!

"When I arrive at my office, I don't make a move until I synchronize my watch to the precise time that the garlic bagels will come out of the oven at the bagel bakery around the corner. In my legal opinion, what constitutes a great bagel is one I can eat right from the oven with nothing on it. Then I can enjoy its great taste and texture."
-- Alan Dershowitz, well known Harvard law school professor; defender of headline makers such as O.J. Simpson, Klaus Von Bulow and Mike Tyson.

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