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Honolulu's Best Baked Bagels

Here at Lox of Bagels, we strive to make the most amazingly fresh backed bagels on the island. They're vegan too! We couldn't have done it without our owner, Terumi Fujita. 

Terumi Fujita (President/Owner)

Terumi brings a wealth of culinary knowledge and corporate direction to the growth and development of Lox of Bagels.

With a background in medicine (Terumi is currently on the board of directors of the Kai Shin Kai Medical Corporation in Japan), she is making her entrance into the world of food service and hospitality through the purchase of Lox of Bagels Bagel Cafe in Honolulu, Hawaii.

"Our goal is to dominate the bagel market in Hawaii" says Terumi. "The bagel we produce satisfies all the prerequisites of a commercially viable niche product. It is healthy, nutritious, flexible, and easy to handle. Our bagels can also be used as a vehicle to do business. Some of the cafes we service earn as much as 100 to 200% by using our bagels in their food offerings."

Terumi holds a degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management from the Kapiolani Community College and has traveled extensively to experience international culinary offerings from around the world.

You can reach Terumi at terumif07@gmail.com.
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